A Newton Room to trigger young peoples' interest in minerals

"We believe that the mining industry will recruit people who had their first contact with the industry in a Newton Room"

Newton Room
2016-10-2113:52 Rune Finsveen

The module is being developed in cooperation between FIRST Scandinavia, Fauske Senior High School and Newton Sørfold. The module will be used first in Newton

-"Sørfold is founded on activities related to minerals", says Bjørnar Pettersen. "Elkem Salten and Omya Hustadmarmor, Hammerfall are key activities in the municipality. The new E6 trunk road will soon be built through Sørfold. It is thus natural that minerals are a priority sector for us, and that the Newton Room builds on interaction with the industries found in the municipality. Now, finally", he continues, "we are ready to start and it will be very exciting to follow our progress!"

The partners believe, even though the target group has yet to be defined, that the project will be offered first and foremost to pupils in junior- and senior high schools.

-"Our aim is to teach about the real life, in which technology and another, more modern way of thinking forms the basis of the teaching", says Project Leader Ingvill Berg from FIRST Scandinavia. "Newton has 30 rooms, distributed all over Norway. We think it is important to develop new, exciting modules which can also be used in other Newton Rooms."

Tor Ankjell, project leader at Fauske Senior High School, believes that the Mining & Mineral Cluster Norway has played a decisive role in development of the mineral module.

-"Mining & Mineral Cluster Norway is concerned about recruitment to the mining industry and this is a component in our recruitment efforts. This would not have been a reality without the Cluster. We also see that the school system has a major dividend from participation in the cluster cooperation", he continues, "especially because we will be part of a large network. We become more conscious, through this cooperation, of the skills needed by industry and of the requirements which we should meet. We have dialogue and exchange our experience. This is what", he says finally, "is positive with the cluster."

A Newton Room is a practical, attractively furnished and technologically well educational area with its focus on the natural science subjects. One or more Newton teachers are linked to the Room. The Newton teacher, using a spectrum of equipment, from simple to sophisticated, will teach visiting classes, accompanied by their subject teacher, using a specific Newton module. Each module has a defined topic, a selection of activities and a specified time-frame. A module would normally occupy 4 – 6 teaching periods. The Newton network has access to 41 different Newton modules in the natural sciences and mathematics. Eleven of these have topics related to coastal- and fish-farming industries. A module for the mineral industry is currently being developed. Read more about Newton.
Marit Kvarum
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