About the cluster

The Mining & Mineral Cluster Norway is a collaboration arena focusing on R&D, innovation and human resources development within the mining industry. The partners collaborate to achieve growth and development in the industry, contributing to a greener society and new industrial activity in Norway.

2016-10-2111:57 Rune Finsveen

Following sub-goals have been defined:

Development of more efficient mining operations and improved recovery of the deposit. More cost efficient operations will be able to support the increased costs associated with those mining methods that leave less environmental footprints and provide better working conditions, (e.g. underground mining versus open pit, or underground disposal of parts of the tailings). This require; new technology and knowledge on stability and rock support, better and more effective exploration and mining methods; and safe, cost efficient and productive operations. MMCN will be an active part to accomplish future utilization of new terrestrial deposits. The goals are; more profitable operations, increased production volumes, higher utilisation of the resources, better product quality and improved reliability in the operations.

Increased degree of processing of the mineral products, through development of new technologies and processes for mineral processing, modification and down-stream production. This implies finding new markets and developing new value-added products from our mineral resources, and the use of renewable energy and natural gas in the production process. The goal is to improve profitability in the mining operations, establish new mineral-based businesses and increase the portion of the mined material that will end up in the product stream.

Development of a sustainable and green industry by promoting environmentally friendly, safe methods in all parts of the mining process, (e.g. new mining and processing methods, environmental-friendly chemicals, better tools and routines for SHE-management). The goal is to reduce negative impacts and contribute to increased social acceptance.

Mineral Cluster Norway is based on mutual recognition of the contribution which cooperation can make to growth and development, and to solution of shared challenges in the industry. This is achieved by research and development (R&D) and innovation projects.

 The projects shall contribute to:

  • Increased knowledge of Norway's mineral resources and to their future
  • Increases in the recovery and quality of the
  • More effective and profitable operation in current mining
  • Increasing the level of processing of mineral resources in Norway by development of new mineral
  • Establishing new industry founded on mineral resources in
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of the industry and thereby improvement of its image and profitability by, for example, better utilisation of tailings and reduction of emissions, noise and
  • Securing access to the necessary skills by use of appropriate educational systems and recruitment.

The members themselves will define and implement the specific projects, where appropriate with partners outside the Cluster. The members gain access to new knowledge through conferences and workshops, while also developing important networks and relationships.

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